Latest fashion in Pakistan

Traditional wears:
Latest fashion in Pakistan is to have the old styles traditional put on. Like long frocks with pajamas. Typicality of styles is being observed as latest fashion in Pakistan. This kind of latest style is shaping the cultural heritage of Pakistan once again.

Western-eastern wears:

Amalgamation of western wears along with the cultural and traditional heritage of Pakistan is giving a new look to the fashion world. And thus the most up-to-dated and latest type of fashion in Pakistan is a blending of both western and eastern dresses. As now-days girls are more into wearing a flurrying top with jeans. This gives rise to a class and social setup.

Elegant wears:

In the latest fashion week in Islamabad Pakistan it is seen that elegant dresses having long tails are being used as labeled the latest fashion in Pakistan. Girls love to wear this type of delicate outfit because this gives a very elegant type of look to their personality. So it is the latest fashion in Pakistan.

Qameez-shalwar cultural dress:

Qameez shalwar a cultural dress of Pakistan is inn in the market. And girls are more towards wearing long shirts with trousers. Shirts include A-line shirts, with loose and tight shapes. Currently followed fashion in Pakistan is this kind of wear.
Footwear is essential part in figuring out the status of a person. Latest footwear fashion in Pakistan in footwear is, in different categories.


Stallions said...

hmm very nice post, I love going through the latest fashion trends and exploring the world of fashion, please keep posting stuff like that..

Hazim Waqar said...

really amazing dress collection
Pakistani Dresses

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